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hhhhhhohhhhihihihihihihihihiholhoheoa hahahalahahahahohahahahahahahoho ol lohahalalaaala a aalaaaaaalaaaaa alahuhuhuhuhuheuheu hhihihihihehehe ehehehehehehyohyohyohyohyo ya hyo hyohyohyo ryoryoryoryeoyeo ryeoryeol

Thank you so much for congratulating me on my birthday. 
It was a really happy day.
As soon as the clock went ‘ding dong’ at midnight, I had a party with the members~
I want to upload a picture from the party but…

I really really really enjoyed it~
Today…….. I saw what Tao hyung wrote…..
Goosebumps.. goosebumps……. hehe

It’s really great how a lot of people congratulated me. Really
To the people whose birthday is today, happy birthday~
Have a great day~

Oh! Since we’re making a comeback soon, please prepare to love it a lot~ hehe
We worked hard to prepare it~

trans: fy-exo | source: exo-k’s official website
please take out with credits.

Fandom Promise:


I will never push and shove when i meet EXO.

I will never hurt my Oppas.

I will never make them cry.

I will never scream my lungs out.

I will never shove other fans.

I will never shout at their face.

I will never be a sasaeng.

I will let them pass without any fuss.

I will be happy no matter what.

I will respect them with all my heart.



When it comes to English

I hate people who make English mistakes. No wait, everyone makes mistakes; I mean I hate people who make a mistake in English and REFUSE to accept they did.

Today we had this game thing, the point was to find a book in the library turn to pg73 and find a word that rhymes with delay. Clue: it ends with ‘lay’ as said by THAT junior.

So we searched and searched and couldn’t find it so in the end she had to point it out. She was like “Gosh is your English that bad” or something along that line so obviously my pride was hurt but if her English is better then you should accept it, that’s what I told myself.

Do you know what was that freaking word that rhymes with delay?


WHAT THE HELL. Malaya first of all genius, is three syllabus, Ma-lay-a and delay is two, de-lay. Secondly, Malaya does not end with a ‘lay’ it ends with a freaking ‘a’. I pointed that out and she gave me the ‘are you stupid look’ and replied “its Malay obviously.”

MALAY IS PART, I REPEAT, PART OF THE WORD MALAYA not the entire freaking word only part of the word rhymes with it, not the whole freaking thing. I mean obviously if she was NICER and knew something called RESPECT and said “Oh I made a mistake, sorry for making your group waste so much time” I wouldn’t be pissed but NOOOOOO self appointed genius tried to argue with me!

First thing junior, I am one freaking year older than you, you treat people with respect even if they’re five twenty who knows how many years younger than you or older because its the right thing to do.


Me, make a freaking mistake in ENGLISH, ENG- really? REALLY? You’re talking to said person who scores straight As for English without trying, writes poetry in five minutes, and whose English essay has been pointed out by teachers for years?!

I know this sounds petty and really egoistic with all that praising but really, English is my baby subject like its the one thing I’m close to perfect at. If I don’t bite your head out for pointing out my mistakes in a bitchy tone, its not cause I think you’re right.

Its because I can’t be bothered to argue with someone who can’t freaking tell that DELAY and MALAYA doesn’t rhyme!

Like WOMAN, you watch your tone when you talk to me for goodness sake were you raised in a barn?! You talk and speak and be polite to everyone you meet. Be kind and gracious, and admit it when you’re wrong for goodness sake!!!

HHMPF I’m sorry its like her tone really pissed me off because like really, insult to my pride and did I mention this was in our sec four farewell? I should have just scolded her right there and then.

Except, I’m too nice. Gah.

Ps: to all those who actually read this, I’M SO SORRY YOU HAD TO LISTEN TO ME RANT ABOUT AN AIRHEAD WHO ISN’T IMPORTANT!! T^T /gives giant hug/ thanks for reading >.

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